About Davina

I was born in Botswana ten minutes behind my twin sister. My family moved back to the US when we were three years old and I’ve lived in California since. I travel as often as I can and I hope to see much more of the world.

As a child I struggled with reading and writing, only becoming a proficient reader in my preteen years, but after I mastered the skill, I became a voracious reader of all kinds of books. I adore fairy tales and fantasy and science fiction, and I love to read nonfiction about the lives and minds of animals.

Way before the written word, though, there was art. Even as a tiny kid, I was doing art. My passion for art led me to  graduate from San Francisco State University with a BA in Fine Arts, emphasis in oil painting. I love beauty, but I also know the value of a good story and I strive to give my pieces a life and narrative of their own.

Whether it’s colored pencils, acrylics, watercolors, digital painting, a wad of wool, wire, clay, papier mache … whatever the medium, I am thrilled by the act of creation.

In 2007 I discovered the art of needle felting and it blew the possibilities of creation wide open! I am constantly making something new and exciting with this fiber medium.

And there is no end to inspiration! Every creature of Earth has magic in it – even the humble garden snail contains within it unfathomable oddity and yet those eyes, reaching out on alien translucent stalks, peer at you like a curious friend. I believe my own oddness helps me see the familiar in the strangest of places – and the oddness in the most ordinary.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me!

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2 thoughts on “About Davina

  1. Do you have any of the blue ring octopus felt sculptures for sale? My son is crazy about sea creatures and draws them constantly. He is especially interested in the blue ringed octopus right now.
    Thanks so much!


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