Two of Us and Four of Joy

Every year I like to make a crow and orca drawing for my beloved Nick’s birthday. This time I used Crayola crayons on a very small scale. This piece is only 3″ x 5.5,” the smallest crayon drawing I have made yet.

Two of Us and Four of Joy, Crayola crayons

I love the back and forth of black and white, light and dark, in the orcas and crows. There are definitely challenges working on such a small scale because no matter how I sharpen the crayons, they apply very thickly onto the paper. By pushing myself to work within these constraints, I’m forced to embrace the medium and relax into whatever the crayons can give me. For example, the rough texture of the wax becomes unmistakable. Nick says this one is his favorite so far.

Take a look at the previous orca and crow themed drawings I made for Nick by clicking on this link.

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