Fish in Crayon

Betta splendens, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are wonderful aquarium fish. Only a little over two inches long, they are huge personalities in little frames! Each one is totally unique. Some are feisty, like their commonly used name implies, but others are chill and prefer lounging on leaves rather than swim. Every one of them is interactive and highly aware of the world outside their watery sanctuaries. They perk up whenever someone comes over to see them and some are even known to watch TV!

I love making portraits of these beautiful fish.

Thistle Betta, Crayola crayons. Portrait of Iziboy, a beautiful fish from @izi.bettafish on Instagram.
Galaxy Betta, Crayola crayons. Another beauty, Black Nemo, from @izi.bettafish on Instagram
Candy Boy, Crayola crayons. Absolutely gorgeous betta from @izi.bettafish on Instagram
Morning Swim, Crayola crayon

This drawing is based on a photo from Frank’s Bettas, a website dedicated to wild species of betta. Not only is Frank the most respected breeder of wild betta, he is a fount of fascinating information, including video, AND he also does conservation work to protect vulnerable betta species in the wilds of Thailand. Please take a look at his website.
Sky Betta, Crayola crayon
Red Betta, Crayola crayon
Portrait of Sheen, oil pastel
Blue Betta, crayon
Portrait of Pinot, crayon
Purple Betta, crayons

I also adore pufferfish! Especially the dwarf puffer, Carinotetraodon travancoricus.

Looking at Snails, Crayola crayon
Puffers in the Flowers, Crayola crayon

Lumpsucker fish look like pompoms!

Lumpsucker Fish, Crayola crayon

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