Snonkey Oddlings

Meet the snonkey  –  the snail monkey!

Made from needle felted wool over pipe cleaner armature, the snonkey is very soft and flexible with a real escargot snail shell on its back. Although there are many different varieties of snonkeys, you can sometimes tell a banana snonkey’s age by its color, as they start green and turn yellow and spotted just like bananas!

Green Snonkey (snail-monkey)
Green Banana Snonkey
Banana Snonkey (snail-monkey)
Yellow Banana Snonkey
Brown Banana Snonkey (snail-monkey)
Brown Banana Snonkey (snail-monkey)
Spotted Banana Snonkey (snail-monkey)
Spotted Banana Snonkey (snail-monkey)
Watermelon Snonkey (snail-monkey)
Watermelon Snonkey (snail-monkey)
Eggplant Snonkey
Eggplant Snonkey (snail-monkey)
Kiwi Snonkey
Kiwi Snonkey (snail-monkey)
Snonkey Parent and Child
Banana Snonkey Parent and Child

2 thoughts on “Snonkey Oddlings

  1. How lovely! My children have invented an entire fantasy world of hybrid monkeys, and every day there is some new adventure in our Hybrid Monkey Valley. Among other features, there is a snail monkey. I searched for pictures of these special creatures on google, and I am happy to find out that there are many children (and adults!) who imagine these things. I am going to show these pictures to my kids this afternoon 🙂

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