Tamandua is a genus of anteaters

I love anteaters. I love their long snouts and their impressive claws and their strange color patterns — that bright stripe along the shoulder of the giant anteater! Amazing! Every anteater is fascinating in its own way, but the tamandua anteaters are especially dear to my heart because of that long semi-prehensile tail. There are two anteaters in the tamandua genus, the northern and the southern tamandua. The northern tamandua has a distinctive V-neck color pattern, almost like they’re wearing sweater vests, while the southern tamandua is much lighter in coloring and some just have a hint of the V pattern.


If you want to be charmed by these wonderful animals, just watch this adorable video: https://youtu.be/2TNp9EyBmcc


Have you ever wondered how an anteater’s front feet differ from their back feet? What their grooming routine is like? How much they sleep? What their poo looks like? You can find the answers (with pictures!) at Tamandua World.


Have you guessed the subject of my next project? Yup, I’m working on needle felting an anteater… It’s not like a real tamandua (yet discovered anyway!) but it’s very much inspired by the northern tamandua. I’m embellishing my anteater by felting elaborate patterns into the fur in fantastical colors.


Here are some in-progress photos.



More photos to follow! Check back for the finished anteater sometime soon!

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