Ravens and Orcas

A series of predominately grey-scale drawings done for my beloved, Nick. His spirit is the brightness in the sharp eye of a raven, his heart is the generous stroke of an orca’s tail, and our love spans oceans and skies.

Raven Pair Sketch, pencil
For Nick, pencil on paper
The Joy of Us, charcoal on paper
Out of the Mist, Crayola crayons on watercolor paper
Two of Us and Four of Joy, Crayola crayons


Magnolia Ravens and Orcas, Crayola crayons.

Bahá’i Faith

“O Son of Man! I loved thy creation, hence I created thee. Wherefore, do thou love Me that I may name thy name and fill thy soul with the spirit of life.”
– Bahá’u’lláh

I am a member of the Bahá’í Faith and love it very deeply. My faith inspires me in all aspects of my life, including my artwork. Here are a few pieces I have made on Bahá’í themes.


“God has created”, oil pastel 18 x 24 in.

This piece was made as part of a Bahá’í study course on courtship that I participated in soon after I met Nick. Two years later, we got married.

The branches follow the outline of my hand in his, showing our growing connection. I chose a magnolia tree because they are a sign of everlasting fidelity. Below you can view the same drawing again with the full quote from ‘Abdu’l-Bahá and the outline of the hands highlighted, mine in orange, his in red.




Beauty, watercolors 7.5 x 11 in.

When I was nineteen, I traveled with my mother, father, and twin sister on pilgrimage to the Holy Land in Haifa, Israel. This is a portrait of my mother standing before the Shrine of the Báb.


Shrine of the Báb, oil on canvas 22 x 28 in.

After my pilgrimage to Haifa, Israel, I was so inspired by the beauty of the Holy Land and the Shrine in particular that I painted this using a technique I had never tried before. I wanted to show the transcendency of that sacred spot, the blurring between earth and heaven.


Shrine of the Báb practice, oil on canvas 4×6 in.

I practiced the technique on a few smaller pieces before going to the large canvas. I was also attempting a glaze effect that I determined would not add to the larger piece.




Realistic Oddlings

Loris III, needle felted wool
Not a pet loris
Baby Sloth, needle felted wool
Mom and Baby Sloths, needle felted wool
Male Sloth, needle felted wool
Loris I, needle felted wool
Loris II, needle felted wool
Baby Tapir I, needle felted wool
Mother and Baby Malayan Tapir I, needle felted wool
Mother and Calf Malayan Tapir II,
needle felted wool
Baby Tapir IV, needle felted wool
Horse Ornament, needle felted wool
Baby Tapir V, needle felted wool
Bentley Stay, needle felted wool
Felted Finn, needle felted angora wool
Trouble, needle felted wool
Weaver Ant, needle felted wool and pipe cleaner

Tweed, needle felted wool and pipe cleaner with glass eyes.


felted lorisnail

I made a thing! Here is a little movie I made about Lorisnail! *coughcough* but is actually my own life story *coughcough*


Lorisnail is an original character I created to represent myself in some respects. For one thing, we are both shy with a tendency to hide inside our shells.

The name Lorisnail is “loris” + “snail.” It is a subspecies of snonkey (monkey snail). A loris is a real life creature and is a very special primate.

Although unbelievable cute, the loris is a real life creature.


Lorisnail and Beetlebird Meet mixed media


felted lorisnail
Lorisnail, needle felted wool and papier mache


Lorisnail and Beetlebird Display, needle felted wool and papier mache


Lorisnail and friends pencil drawing series.

Lorisnail and Pangolin, pencil

Lorisnail and Giraffe, pencil

Lorisnail and Dolomedes, pencil

Fantasy Oddlings

Kirin Giraffes – Pair, needle felted wool


Brilliance the White Griffn, needle felted wool and feathers


Winged Panther, needle felted wool and feathers. Design (c) SKitfox


The Last Unicorn, needle felted wool


Parrot Griffin, needle felted wool and feathers


Baku, needle felted wool


Star Giraffe Kirin, needle felted wool


Aquarelia, needle felted wool. Design (c) dracona-fin.


Snail Bird, needle felted wool and papier mache
James Baxter, needle felted wool
Manuscript Griffin, needle felted wool
Fantastic Anteater, needle felted wool with resin claws
Galidor, needle felted wool
Blue Kirin with Mini Orange and Blue Kirin, needle felted wool
Purple Kirin, needle felted wool

Botswana Flag Spider, needle felted wool. No wire armature.

Aquatic Oddlings

Blue and Yellow Spade Tail Betta, needle felted wool
Mini Nautilus, needle felted wool and papier mache
Aglaya the Two Spot Ocotpus, needle felted wool
Blue Ringed Octopus III, needle felted wool
Blue Ring Octopus II, needle felted wool
Blue Cuttlefish, needle felted wool
Uncolored Cuttlefish, needle felted wool
Mini Octopuses Rainbow, needle felted wool
Puffer Fish, needle felted wool
Sea Slug Kuniei, needle felted wool
Vampire Squid, needle felted wool
Bowhead Whale, needle felted wool

Needle felted Pink Whale and Sunfish.


Tyler, Crayola crayon on illustration artboard
Lula at the park, Crayola crayon on illustration artboard 
Kaleb Asleep
Kaleb Asleep in Crayola crayons on illustration artboard
Portrait of Paul, Crayola crayons on illustration artboard
Portrait of Andrew, Crayola crayons on illustration artboard
Little Camper, oil pastel
Nani and Teto, oil crayon
My Nick, oil pastel
Green Hat (self portrait), oil pastel
Snail Me (self portrait), chalk pastel
After a Swim (self portrait), oil pastel

Fish in Crayon

Betta splendens, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are wonderful aquarium fish. Only a little over two inches long, they are huge personalities in little frames! Each one is totally unique. Some are feisty, like their commonly used name implies, but others are chill and prefer lounging on leaves rather than swim. Every one of them is interactive and highly aware of the world outside their watery sanctuaries. They perk up whenever someone comes over to see them and some are even known to watch TV!

I love making portraits of these beautiful fish.

Thistle Betta, Crayola crayons. Portrait of Iziboy, a beautiful fish from @izi.bettafish on Instagram.
Galaxy Betta, Crayola crayons. Another beauty, Black Nemo, from @izi.bettafish on Instagram
Candy Boy, Crayola crayons. Absolutely gorgeous betta from @izi.bettafish on Instagram
Morning Swim, Crayola crayon

This drawing is based on a photo from Frank’s Bettas, a website dedicated to wild species of betta. Not only is Frank the most respected breeder of wild betta, he is a fount of fascinating information, including video, AND he also does conservation work to protect vulnerable betta species in the wilds of Thailand. Please take a look at his website.
Sky Betta, Crayola crayon
Red Betta, Crayola crayon
Portrait of Sheen, oil pastel
Blue Betta, crayon
Portrait of Pinot, crayon
Purple Betta, crayons

I also adore pufferfish! Especially the dwarf puffer, Carinotetraodon travancoricus.

Looking at Snails, Crayola crayon
Puffers in the Flowers, Crayola crayon

Lumpsucker fish look like pompoms!

Lumpsucker Fish, Crayola crayon


Mother Deer, Crayola crayon. Happy Mother’s Day 2020 to my wonderful Mom.
Naupaka Flowers, Crayola crayons on illustration artboard 9 in. x 12 in.
Spooky Desert, crayons
Snow Owl
Snow Owl, crayons
Colorful Elephant, colored pencils
Pumpkin Cat, oil pastel
Nautilus Workings, mixed media
Water Animals
Water Animals Series, ink and Photoshop
Quail on a Bale, crayons and ink
Nori, chalk pastel
Birthday Train, Crayola crayons
Sand Dollars and Sweet Peas, Crayola crayons
Mother Cat, Crayola crayons
Peaches, oil pastel 24 in. x 18 in.

Pencil drawings